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About BES Rehab

BES Rehab's mission is to bring best in class solutions from around the world to its customers in the UK and Ireland.

BES Rehab supports and works with clinicians and professionals who are responsible for the prescription and provision of equipment to individuals with disabilities.

BES Rehab aims to offer comprehensive training and education and match this with a high level of service.

This combination means that those who have a disability, are in care, or temporarily unwell, can recieve the highest quality of care materials that they deserve, whether it is through NHS or privately. 



About BES Rehab

More about BES Rehab


Our Customer Servie team is always aiming to do their best to help you with any issues that you may experience when ordering your products. They will help yu with return policies, questions about products to deliveries. If you have any feedback to give our team, please fill out our customer service survey - click here


At BES, we aim to deliver your order within 3-4 working days, subject to store availability.  

If you have not recieved your order within 7 working days, please contact us on 0117 966 6761 or email us with your order number on


BES offers training programmes on clinical information, solutions on head to toe positioning, tips and techniques for mounting wheelchair accessories, and much more.

You do not need to travel or come to us: in fact we will come to you, to your service, and your team, to deliver the training. Training sessions can be a great opportunity to interact with colleagues, share experiences, and learn from each other.


As part of finding the ideal solutions, we have specialists travelling around the country to support you and your client in assesing their needs and provide complete solutions on the same visit.   

Newly acquired company: Joncare

In 2016, BES Rehab acquired DCS Joncare Limited, an Abingdon based supplier of Paediatric and Adult Assistive Technology products. 

Joncare manufactures its own paediatric range of solutions and has been a well-respected brand in the paediatric sector for 37 years since its formation, under John Prout’s (former Managing Director) guidance.

Newly acquired company: Activities to Share

In 2017, BES Rehab Ltd acquired Activities to Share, a company that provides dementia-friendly activity products.

Activities to Share has a whole array of simple products easily available from their website (, aimed at carers, personal assistants, and family members of individuals with dementia. 

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