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BES is the only distributor of the entire range of Bodypoint products in the UK and Ireland. 

The Bodypoint® brand has quickly become synonymous with innovative design and high quality positioning hardware for wheelchair users products since its launch in 1991. Bodypoint® was the first manufacturer to introduce the ‘padded hip belt’ which has now become an industry standard. 

All Bodypoint® products carry a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials, so you can be confident that this equipment won’t let you down.

From developing self-adjusting buckles to incorporating extra positioning options for a more secure fit , Bodypoint® continually pushes the envelope when it comes to designing and manufacturing positioning hardware products that are one step ahead of the rest.  

Bodypoint® has earned a reputation for producing hardwearing equipment that adheres to stringent testing standards. All postural support types are tested to ensure that they can bear force equivalent to approximately half of the user’s body weight, the ISO and ANSI/RESNA standard for compliance. Many Bodypoint® products withstand double this required minimum. 

Bodypoint® Belts, Harnesses, and Fittings are tested to ISO Standards.

Bodypoint® products now have new 6 digit order codes. Please see our Bodypoint® Conversion Chart to find your item's new code.



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