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Footplate System Components

The Footplate System helps improve the foot position by allowing you to mount your footplate exactly where needed.

Footplate System Components are individual items that are used with footplates to provide support for all foot angles and leg lengths, to allow total control over foot position.

Adjustable extension tubes and clamps offer the flexibility to get footplate positions and angles exactly right. Extension tubes provide up to 270° of adjustability for precise positioning, and are available in two lengths for the widest variety of positioning options. Mounting clamps allow for these tubes to be mounted on the outside of the footplate hanger tubes, for the greatest variety of positioning options. 

Footplates are made from heavy gauge aluminium with a super-tough, non-skid nylon surface which stands up to hard use. Footplates are sold singularly.

Toe straps and non-slip footplates help to keep feet in position all day, and footplates can be angled individually using the footplate clamp. The Footplate System can help you find your most comfortable foot position, and stay in it. 


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Benefits of the Footplate System



Footplates once setup, lock firmly in place and provide excellent stability to the foot. 

Height Adjustability

With the help of footplate extension tubes and mounting clamps, the Bodypoint® footplate system can be mounted at different heights for various leg discrepancies and unequalled leg conditions.

Angle Adjustment

The Bodypoint® Mounting Clamp is especially designed to allow for angle adjustment depending on the foot's angle or the desired angle. Angle adjustments of up to 270° can be made using the Fulcrum Tube, and up to 180° using an L-Shaped Tube.

Ways of Mounting Footplates
Ways of Mounting

Mounted at Different Heights

Footplate extension tubes can be mounted at different heights for single leg amputee or for unequal leg lengths. This position uses mounting clamps to mount the extension tubes on the exterior of the hanger tubes. 

Ways of Mounting

Mounted High for Short Leg Lengths

Footplate extension tubes can be mounted high for short leg lengths, using mounting clamps on the outside of the hanger tubes. These clamps allow you to place your footplates at any required height.

Ways of Mounting

Inside Hanger Tubes

Footplate extension tubes can be directly mounted inside hanger tubes for equal leg lengths.

Select you Footplate Kit (includes Tube, Footplate, Footplate Clamp)

Extension Tube Options

Fulcrum or Fulcrum Quickie extension tubes

Fulcrum extension tubes have 270° of adjustablility for even the most challenging of footplate positions, and can be secured into the required angle position.

Fulcrum Quickie extension tubes are specifically designed to fit inside the tubes of Quickie wheelchairs, and offer the same adjustability.

Available in a 12.5" (31.75 cm) length

L-shaped Extension Tubes

L-shaped extension tubes are fixed to a 90° angle, but footplates may still be angled using the footplate clamp included in the footplate kit. 

Available in a choice of 8.5" (21.5 cm) and 12.5" (31.75 cm) lengths

Footplate Sizes

Size Width Length
Small 4.0" (10.0 cm) 7.7" (20.0 cm) 
Large 4.7" (12.0 cm) 9.2" (24.0 cm) 






Please Note: Includes Footplate Clamp 

Additional Extras

Mounting Clamps

Mounting clamps allow for a wide variety of footplate positioning options. These are sold in pairs, and are available to fit 22 mm (7/8") or 25 mm (1") diameter tubing. 

Toe Straps

All Bodypoint® footplates contain slots to fit Hook-and-Loop Toe Straps into. These keep the feet on the footplates, and are available in one size only. Hook-and-Loop Toe Straps are sold in pairs.

Angle Adjustable Footplate Kit Order Codes

Each Kit includes an extension tube style, a footplate, and a footplate clamp

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Footplate Order Codes (additional extras)

You can find the order code for a footplate separately through this section. The adjustable footplate includes footplate clamp for forward and back adjustments, while the standard option includes only the footplate


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Clamp Order Codes (additional extras)

You can find the order code for a footplate clamp or a mounting clamp in this section.


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