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The PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness represents the latest in innovative design from Bodypoint. Distributing pressure across a greater surface area than our traditional H-style Harness, the PivotFit Shoulder Harness offers a body-contouring shape for optimal support and a comfortable fit

Continuous smooth padding prevents dirt and debris getting trapped in the harness. The PivotFit harness can be purchased in a Dynamic or Standard style, and with either front pull adjustment or rear pull adjustment to suit the needs of most users. 

As the name suggests, the star feature of the PivotFit is the pivot buckle on the sternum strap, which prevents the harness becoming twisted and uncomfortable during movement.

For a more comfortable and practical alternative to an H-style harness, the PivotFit has it all.  


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Benefits of the PivotFit


Ergonomic fit

The curved straps of the PivotFit contour to shape of the body, and have a larger surface area than traditional H-style harnesses.

This means that the straps redistribute pressure more evenly, making the harness more comfortable to wear and reducing the chances of skin damage due to resistance against the straps. 


Pivot buckle for comfort

The Pivot buckle was developed by Bodypoint® to tackle a common problem with H-style harnesses twisting and bunching up during use, a problem that is uncomfortable for the user and damaging for the material of the harness. 

Pivot buckles move with the user, allowing the pads of the harness to stay flat against the chest even when the user is twisting around.


Dual-zone elasticity (PivotFit dynamic only)

The PivotFit Dynamic harness has dual-zone elasticity, with one elastic zone in the upper part of the strap, and a second stabilising zone in the lower panel. 

The upper elastic zone of stretch allows the user to lean forward in order to perform daily activities, and the lower panel stabilises the botton half of the PivotFit so the harness does not ride up during use.

Decision Guide

How to Measure a Person for a Harness

Measure the distance between the shoulders as shown in the picture. Once you have obtained your measurement, consult the table to find your size.


Shoulder Width


8.2 - 9.5" (21.0 - 24.0cm)


9.5 - 11.0" (24.0 - 28.0cm) 


11.0-13.0" (28.0-33.0cm)


13.0-16.0" (33.0-41.0cm) 


16.0-19.0" (41.0-48.0cm)


19.0-22.0" (48.0-56.0cm) 

Measuring for shoulder harness

Dynamic or Standard Options

PivotFit Dynamic

This option contains controlled stretch in the upper straps, allowing the user to lean forwards in order to perform daily activities.

PivotFit Standard

This option contains no stretch in the upper straps, and is more suitable for corrective positioning.

Adjustment Options - Pull Type

Front Pull

Front Pull means the harnesses can be adjusted from the front, and are designed to be adjusted by the user.

Rear Pull

Rear Pull means the harnesses can be adjusted from the rear, and are designed to be adjusted by the  caregiver.

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