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The patented design of the Bodypoint® Stayflex tackles common problems associated with H-style shoulder harnesses, which have a tendency to ride up round the chest, and can feel constricting to the user.

The Stayflex features a stabilizing lower chest panel to prevent displacement during use, and pivot buckles on the lower panel that adjust to the line of tension automatically for proper fit and placement without the harness twisting or bunching up.

Proprietary elastic padding in the upper panel and shoulder straps allow for dynamic movement without any feeling of restraint.

The Stayflex is available in Rear Pull attachment for adjustment by caregiver, and front-pull attachment for adjustment by the user. The Stayflex is also available with a zipper for ease of fitting and removal.


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No Choking Hazard

The controlled stretch of the Stayflex not only accommodates daily activities, but prevents the Stayflex riding up and causing a choking hazard; so you can be sure the harness will stay completely comfortable, and safe, all day long.




Allows for Dynamic Movement

The Proprietary elastic pad materials in the Stayflex offer controlled stretch to allow for dynamic movement.

The bottom panel of the Stayflex stretches widthways to accommodate breathing, and the top panel stretches lengthways, to allow the shoulders to move freely but still stay supported. 


No Twisting

The Stayflex comes with self-adjusting pivot buckles, a patented design feature exclusive to Bodypoint® that stops the harness from becoming twisted during use.

These buckles adjust themselves when the user's position changes, preventing the Stayflex from becoming twisted and uncomfortable when the user is moving their torso to perform daily activities. They also protect the Stayflex material from becoming damaged through unnecessary twisting and pulling. Pivot buckles are built to withstand strong pull forces and have been rigorously tested.

Stayflex Dynamic Trunk Support

Decision Guide

How to Measure a Person for a Harness

Measuring for shoulder harnessMeasure the distance between the shoulders as shown in the picture. Once you have obtained your measurement, consult the table to find your size.

Size    Shoulder Width
XS 9.5 - 11" (24 - 28 cm)
S 11 - 13" (28 - 33 cm)
M 13 - 16" (33 - 41 cm)
L 16 - 19" (41 - 48 cm)
XL 19 - 22" (48 - 56 cm)


Stayflex Dimensions

Standard Stayflex 

Size A B C D E
XS 8.5" (22 cm) 5.25" (13 cm) 5.25" (13 cm) 1.5" (4 cm) 3.75" (9 cm)
S 9" (23 cm) 5.5" (14 cm) 6.5" (16 cm) 1.75" (4 cm) 4.75" (12 cm)
M 12" (30 cm) 7" (18 cm) 8" (20 cm) 1.75" (4 cm)  5" (13 cm)
L 15" (38 cm) 8.5" (21 cm) 9" (23 cm) 2.25" (6 cm) 5.25" (13 cm)
XL 18" (46 cm) 10" (25 cm) 10.5" (27 cm) 2.25" (6 cm) 6.5" (16 cm)

 Stayflex Standard Dimensions









Narrow Stayflex

Size   A                     B C D E
M 12"(30.5 cm) 7" (18 cm) 8" (20.5 cm) 1.75" (4 cm) 3.5" (9 cm)
L 15" (38 cm) 8.5" (21.5 cm) 9" (23 cm) 2.25" (6 cm) 3.5" (10 cm)
XL 18" (46 cm) 10" (25.5 cm) 10" (25.5 cm) 2.25" (6 cm) 3.75" (10 cm)

Stayflex Narrow dimensions

Adjustment Options - Pull Type

Front Pull 2010 CatalogFront Pull

Front Pull means the harnesses can be adjusted from the front, and are designed to be adjusted by the user.

Rear Pull

Rear Pull means the harnesses can be adjusted from the rear, and are designed to be adjusted by the  caregiver.

Stayflex Order Codes


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