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Trimline Shoulder Harness


The Bodypoint Trimline Shoulder Harness is a great style to support the shoulders, and retract them back into position to assist the user to sit upright and maintain good posture.

The Trimline Shoulder Harness helps promote daily functional activities such as breathing, swallowing and digestion etc. LaminarTM pads, Bodypoint's patented design supports the shoulders and is comfortable to wear. It has soft, rounded edges that do not dig into the skin, instead are wrinkle free and give a comfortable feel. 

The Trimline Harness has no sternum strap and features slimmer, backpack-style shoulder straps. This style has the option of being worn in a crossover or backpack style since it has no central attachment point.

Available in either Front Pull or Rear Pull adjustment, for use by the user or caregiver.  


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Benefits of the Trimline Shoulder Harness

Trimline Shoulder Harness

Discreet Appearance

The Trimline Harness features thinner straps than the H-style harness, giving it a very discreet appearance, especially when worn in a backpack style. 

Trimline Shoulder Harness

Comfortable Wear

The Trimline Harness features a non-wrinkling Laminar pad in both straps. This redistributes pressure, and prevents the straps from twisting or curling at the edges. The Trimline harness can be worn in a crossover style, which is generally more comfortable for women.

Trimline Shoulder Harness

Versatile Use

The straps of this harness can be used independently of each other to provide support for asymmetrical positioning needs. This harness can be used in either Backpack or Crossover style, and can be easily switched between styles over the course of the day for different activities.

Decision Guide

How to Measure a Person for a Harness

Measure the distance between the shoulders as shown in the picture. Once you have obtained your measurement, consult the table to find your size.


Shoulder Width


11.0-13.0" (28.0-33.0cm)


13.0-16.0" (33.0-41.0cm)


16.0-19.0" (41.0-48.0cm)

 Measuring for shoulder harness



Adjustment Options - Pull Type

Front Pull

Front Pull means the harnesses can be adjusted from the front, and are designed to be adjusted by the user.

Rear Pull

Rear Pull means the harnesses can be adjusted from the rear, and are designed to be adjusted by the  caregiver.

Trimline Shoulder Harness Order Codes

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