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For children with special needs to be able to take part in “normal” lessons at school is a big deal. As you’ll no doubt be aware, the kinds of chairs kids have at school come in a one-size-fits-all configuration.

The Goodwood range of chairs comes in 5 Sizes (Size 2 through to 6) meaning there's a size that will fit any physique, offering the right level of postural support for their needs. 

We also offer a wide range of postural support items and accessories to ensure that the chair is just right for the child.

Benefits of the Goodwood include:

  • All Goodwood chairs are easily adjusted with just one simple key
  • Extra Supports and accessories can be added at any time
  • The upholstered elements of the Goodwood can be done in a variety of fabric colours

To find out more about the Goodwood seat or to arrange an assessment, please email us on or call us on 0117 966 6761 

If you would like to order the Goodwood or any of the accessories and extras, please contact your regional Assistive Technology Specialist. Their details can be found on our Contact Us page. 

Goodwood Dimensions


  GW2 GW3 GW4 GW5 GW6
Seat Width 280 mm 328 mm 380 mm 430 mm 484 mm
Seat Plate Depth 313 mm 371 mm 416 mm 471 mm 513 mm
Chair Depth 280 - 330 mm 313 - 393 mm 419 - 508 mm 441 - 491 mm 492 - 601 mm
Seat Height 258 mm 308 mm 385 mm 452 mm 508 mm
Back Rail Height 425 mm 530 mm 665 mm 778 mm 823 mm



All of our upholstered items are available as standard in Agua Poppy Fabric or Agua Blue Bell, or Faux Leather Taupe (a slightly mauve grey colour). We know that sometimes customers would really like something more personal or in fitting with their style we also offer a wide range of alternative colours, many as a vinyl material, but this incurs an extra change of 5% on top of the item’s price (not the whole chair).

Please call us on 0117 966 6761 to discuss alternative upholstery options.

Postural Supports

Belts and Harnesses

All too often seen as restraints, positioning belts and harnesses play a critical role in helping to correct or account for postural abnormalities. On the Goodwood chairs we offer the complete range of Bodypoint postural support belts and harnesses.

Click here for an overview of the whole Bodypoint range including our belts and harnesses.

Foot Plate

All Goodwood chairs come with a “foot box” with slots allowing the insertion of a foot plate. This is used when the child’s legs end up hanging when seated, so gives the child a place to firmly put their feet and therefore feel more secure.


Corner Back

The cornerback is designed to offer lateral support to the trunk, in other words help keep the upper body upright if there’s a tendency to lean or drop to one side. There is one size per Goodwood main chair size i.e. 2 through to 6.

Cornerbacks can be ordered with spacers to allow the seat depth to be adjusted by moving the back forwards over the seat. All the cornerbacks come with padding to match the other upholstered items of the chair.


Medial Knee Abductor (aka Pommel)

For some children there will be a tendency for their legs to press together, this is where a medial knee abductor can be utilised to achieve the correct position where the thighs separated at about X degrees from the centre line. Medial knee abductors are more commonly known as pommels and sadly are often misused as a means to stop the user sliding forward in the their seat. We feel it is important to use the correct terminology to help ensure the correct use of the postural support. 

The Goodwood Pommel comes with an under-seat mount that enables quick release and depth adjustment, and there are two different diameters available: 6cm and 8.5cm.


Width Reduction Pads

Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the width of the seat to ensure that the occupant is seated snuggly in the centre of the seat. We offer a range of different thicknesses of width reduction pads to help achieve this. We also offer tapered width reduction pads, which taper from front to back, or vice versa if mounted the other way round.


Contoured Back Pad

The Goodwood chairs come as standard with a pair of wooden back rails but often our customers want to add padding for comfort, and would like a mild degree of positioning to ensure the child sits with their torso nicely in the middle of the back.

This is where the contoured back pad is perfect. It is a back pad with contouring at the sides finished in the same upholstery as the seat cushion. To ensure the seat depth is right and to allow for growth we offer the contoured back pad in three different thicknesses: 1”, 2”, and 3”


Head Rest

For children who need the opportunity to rest their head from time to time when seated we offer a rest. It is important to point out this isn’t intended as a head support i.e. to support the head properly, it really is just a head rest.

It is available either with or without “wings”, which are extra pieces of cushioning either side of the central flat piece that act as an effective prompt when the head wanders off to the side. They don’t serve as point to rest against.

Most commonly the head rest is prescribed in conjunction with a cornerback, but if necessary can be mounted the chair without the cornerback.


Scolio Support (Laterals)

Scoliosis is where the spine become curved or rotated sideways, and the help correct or alleviate this it is comment to use Scolio Support, also known as laterals. These can be thought of as being like someone’s hands coming in at the person’s sides to help support the upper body or even provide a bit of pressure to try and correct for the Scoliosis.


Mobility Options

Mobile Base

The mobile base is a strong board cut into a butterfly-esk shape with 4 casters. This is a great option when for instance it would be beneficial for the child to have somewhere to put their bag under the seat when moving the chair from A to B. The base is sized as per the chair so that unnecessary overhangs on the smaller chairs are avoided. Note that with this configuration the height of the chair is raised by the height of the casters and board (ca …. Cm) so this needs to be taken into consideration when considering this option.


Low Level Mobile Frame

This consists of two “out riggers” with casters at either end that mount onto the side of the chair. The main advantage of this option is that it only lifts the chair by a few millimetres and thereby retains the accessibility for the child and the height relative to other work surfaces. However this minimal raising of the chair does mean that it can “bottom-out” as it gets wheeled over uneven surfaces.



Sliding the chair in and out from a table with the child in situ can be difficult and bad for ones back, for this we offer the Millie Mova. The Millie Mova is a neat little invention which attaches between the legs and with the simple action of stepping on a peddle allows the chair to be effortlessly slid in and out from under the table with child still in place.

Click here to see a video of the Millie Mova in action.

The Millie Mova is only available on sizes X-Y.

Push Handles

Apart from the largest Size 6 chair the back of the Goodwood chairs are often too low to be ergonomically pushed around, so for all of the mobile options we offer the option of retractable push handles. These simply mount on to the uprights of the back and have thumb screws to enable the adjustment of the height the handles come to and to allow them to be stowed away when not in use.




Depending on whether you intend on using your Goodwood at an existing table or not you might want to consider getting a tray. A tray not only provides a work surface for eating, playing, or doing homework, but is can also be utilised as a postural support in that the user can use it in conjunction with their arms to aid upper body positioning and stability.

The trays for the Goodwood slide over the arm supports and have spring loaded stoppers that allow the depth to be adjusted via corresponding holes in the arm support’s underside.


Spare Parts

Contoured Cushion

This is the standard cushion that is supplied with the Goodwood and is contoured upwards at the front of the cushion.


Arm Supports

The arm supports mount into the side of the chair, and can be mounted at pretty much any height so as to get the correct position for the child. They aren’t designed to adjusted quickly, but can be unmounted and remounted into new positions if required.



Goodwood chairs come with one pair of feet attached to the rear legs for added stability. These feet can also be used to induce a degree of tilt into the chair. Additional feet can be bought to mount onto the front of the chair as well.

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