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Varyflex Stander

Stand assistance with just the right level of support.

Standing not only provides alternative positioning for those who use wheelchairs or other seating systems, but also plays an important part in development and rehabilitation.

  • Variable choice of variable movement
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Standard or wide models
  • Max. use weight 35kg

The standing frame is supplied with a single chest and buttock strap as standard.

If you would like further information about the Varyflex Stander or would like to arrange an assessment, please call us on 0117 966 6761.

If you would like to order the Varyflex Stander or any of the accessories and extras, please contact your regional Assistive Technology Specialist. Their details can be found on our Contact Us page. 


VaryFlex Options

Varyflex comes in a variety of forms thanks to the modular nature of its design and contrstruction. All the forms use the same base and upright poles (albeit cut to different lengths) A standard Varyflex comes with a base, two upright height adjustable poles, a double buttock strap, and a double chest strap.

Some people familiar with the range will remember a variant called the Rigistand which came in Blue as opposed to the Green of the Varyflex and was ridged instead of offering some degree of flex. We have now merged the two products into one as it is possible to tighten the Varyflex so that it is ridged. So now there is just the Varyflex (In green and blue) and Vose just in green as before.

Hippi – this is a very low version with just the one strap; ideal for particularly young or short children.

Short – This is the short form of the Varyflex but with the two straps (as opposed to just the one on the Hippi)

Standard – This is the height that will work for most children in need of such a piece of equipment.

Wide – the wide version extends the distance between the poles

It is possible to combine the different heights with either the standard width or the wider variant.


Vose Options

The Vose is in effect a tall version of the Varyflex however, being taller, it has a different construction and has to lose the flex side of the Varyflex.



Column Bridge Tube

This is a U-shaped piece that mounts into the top of the two main uprights and serves to stiffen up the overall setup and as a grab rail for the child. This is coloured gold to match the upright tubes.


Heel Stop

Mounted onto the base plate this helps keep the feet from slipping or being pushed back.


Foot Shoes

If the Heel Stop isn’t sufficient to stabilise the foot, then foot shoes are an alternative that with their straps can offer a better hold on the foot. An alternative is Bodypoint’s Ankle Hugger.


Foot Divider

Mounted in the middle of the base this ensures that the feet remain separated.



The tray comes with two additional poles that also mount into the base, which support the front of the tray.


Mobile Option

This is a set of 5 casters which are mounted to the underside of the base to make the whole unit mobile.


Spares & Extras

Buttock & Chest Straps

The buttock and chest straps fit over the main uprights of the Varyflex and serve to hold the occupant securely inplcare. The inner sides are completely covered with Velcro allowing for plenty of adjustment and a very secure fitting. If you are concerned about the child possibly being able to open the straps themselves then we also offer the option of adding a side release clip.




Knee Block

The knee block has a foam insert which is carved to the child’s needs, over time this original form may no longer fit the child as it once did. In this situation one can simply buy another knee block and carve it as required.


Other Resources

Other Resources

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