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ShearBan® is a patented interface material used by healthcare professionals and footwear specialists worldwide to protect against skin tissue trauma.

ShearBan® works by reducing friction and related shear forces at areas of concern, complementing traditional pressure offloading techniques. Low friction PTFE film allows human tissue to glide smoothly over at-risk areas of footwear and medical devices. Durable adhesive backing ensures immediate and long-lasting bonding to fabric, leather, plastic, and other footwear materials.

Recommended for individuals with:

• Hot Spots

• Calluses

• Blisters

• Foot ulceration

ShearBan can be used for:

• Casual/Walking, Athletic, and Formal Footwear

• Orthopaedic braces (AFO’s, KAFO’s, Spinal Braces)

• Insoles/Foot orthoses

• Prosthetic Sockets

• Sports equipment

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Reduces skin irritation, and works well with a variety of wound dressings and treatments


Reduces shear stress – the primary cause of calluses and foot ulcers


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