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The Handybar makes getting in and out of your vehicle easy. Just slot the Handybar into the door lock and it creates a secure, stable handle to help you steady yourself.

This is an essential piece of equipment for anybody who finds it difficult to get in and out of their vehicle due to physical challenges, and fits onto almost any vehicle.
The Handybar helps you to maintain independence and travel safely wherever you go.


Benefits of the Handybar

Safe Leverage
Once the Handybar is slotted into the door lock it forms a strong handle which will support your weight so you can push yourself up. The Handybar has no weight limit, and the door lock is a very strong component of the vehicle, so your safety is assured.

Works in Almost any Car
The Handybar works in the door lock of almost any vehicle. If your vehicle has a u-shaped lock the Handybar will fit into it.


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