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Car Seats

Our car seats are great for when standard car seats just don’t offer the right level of support or you need some extra help getting your child in and out safely. In addition to the usual safety features supported by crash testing, special needs car seats offer a greater degree of contoured seat padding, lateral support and adjustability.


Timy 9–49kg 4 sizes available

Starlight  9–36kg 2 sizes available

Booster Seat only 22–36kg

Britax Traveller Plus 15–36kg

All car seats are suitable for most cars, although it is always best to check before placing an order.


• Special car-seats fit like any other car-seat

• They are easily adjusted to suit the special needs of any child

• Offer a choice of options to ensure correct level of support and comfort

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Select your Car Seat
Car Seats


• Swivel option 

• Crash tested according to ECE R44-04

• 5-Point positioning harness and headrest with side support

• Anatomically formed cushion parts

• Seat depth adjustable

• Adjustable reclining position and rotating function (accessories)

• Body supporting fixation

• Timy Max tested up to 49 kg and 175 cm

Car Seats


• Comfortable wide seat

• Modifiable with foam pads and rolls

• Optional seat extension

• Grows with the needs of your child

Car Seats


• Swivel option

• Offers suitable add-ons to meet the individual needs of the child

• Available in a range of colours

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