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Joncare now by BES

The Joncare range of paediatric products offers simple solutions for children with special needs in the areas of seating, postural support, and comfort. Getting these areas right, positively impacts a child’s ability to interact with others at school and home, perform important learn and development tasks, and gain more independence.

A cornerstone of the Joncare range is the Breezi high chair which has helped thousands of children to sit correctly at the dinner table with the rest of the family, integrate with their classmates at school, and become much more independent.

Joncare has been established since 1978. In 2016 BES acquired the Joncare business to expand its portfolio of paediatric products.

BES Rehab has always been known in the healthcare industry as the 'solutions' provider enabling people with disabilites live their lives independently.

Our experienced team are known for their clinical knowledge in seating and positioning. 


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