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Myself is the clinically proven pelvic muscle trainer for improving bladder control, increasing vaginal tone, and enhancing intimacy.

Myself® was designed by a urologist to make performing pelvic floor (kegel) exercises easier and more effective.  Formerly available only by prescription in America, Myself® is now cleared for over-the-counter use in the UK. In a 16-week trial 39% of participants showed more than a 50% decrease in accidental leaks after using the Myself® system

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Benefits of using Myself

Strengthen Pelvic Muscle

Strong pelvic muscles help women achieve better bladder control, faster recovery after childbirth, and improved sexual response. 

Easy Exercises

Myself helps you exercise correctly by displaying your squeezing action on its LCD screen.  Myself also tells you when to flex and when to relax. As you get stronger over time, Myself tracks your progress by moving you up through 3 different strength levels.

Clinically Proven to show results

In a 16-week trial 39% of participants showed more than a 50% decrease in accidental incontinence after using the Myself® system.


What to Expect from a Myself System


  • Easy one-button operation
  • 5 minute guided exercise session
  • 3 strength levels
  • Screen displays muscle action and strength level 
  • Exercise session includes endurance and control training
  • Comfortable, medical-grade silicone vaginal sensor


  • Free Yourself from Occasional Leaks
  • Relieve Feelings of Urgency
  • Increase Vaginal Tone
  • Heighten Sexual Arousal & Sensation
  • Improve Recovery After Pregnancy

 System Includes

  • 1 Trainer
  • 2 Vaginal Sensors (for best results replace sensors every 4-6 weeks)
  • 1 Travel Bag
  • Instructions

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