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Raft Wheelchair Seat

The innovative ports and pillars technology is not only comfortable - it promotes continuous air flow and creates a seating base that is breathable, giving cool comfort and helping to protect the skin against two of the important factors that contribute to skin breakdown – heat and moisture.

High peak pressure, particularly under bony prominences, such as at the base of the pelvis, is a major cause of discomfort and is another important factor contributing to skin breakdown. 

When pressure-mapped, the Wheelchair Seat was shown to reduce peak pressures by 70%. This remarkable degree of pressure reduction is achieved by the way the posts and pillars of this innovative design yield, without collapsing, to redistribute weight and therefore pressure.

Good posture is vitally important to seating comfort and the Wheelchair Seat offers extra medial and lateral contouring to support and maintain the position of the thighs, as well as differential immersion into the base. The immersion pillars of the Wheelchair Seat under the tail bone and pelvis are structured to help position and hold the pelvis correctly, and maintain the natural curvature of the spine in sitting. The effect of these is to improve posture and align the spine. Correct spinal alignment and improved posture reduce muscle tension, which in turn reduces back pain. 


The Wheelchair Seat is made of waterproof, closed cell, EVA foam, and can be machine washed in a dishwasher, withstanding temperatures of up to 80°C.

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