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Band-It Ankle-Positioning Device

An ankle-positioning device does more than lower extremity positioning. Ankle-positioning enhances full body positioning.

It is ideal for individuals with poor lower extremity control, spasticity, impaired sensation,eversion/inversion malalignments, body-scheme deficits, and heel cord shortening. Ankle-positioning devices are designed to be worn over socks and shoes.

VARILITE Band-It has a Dynamic Positioning Strap. Dynamic positioning allows freedom of ankle movement, which prevents joint stiffening. If the client has increased extensor tone, the dynamic component keeps the foot in place, while maintaining flexion at the ankle.

Dynamic positioning is achieved by adjusting the length of the webbing within the tension lock. For a dynamic effect, the Webbing is left lax, while for a static effect, the webbing is pulled taut through the tension lock.


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Size Selection and Mounting

The Band-it is designed to secure around the ankle, with the body of the device extending over the top of the client’s shoes to distribute pressure over a larger area.

It is important that a client wear shoes and socks during Band-it use.

Measure the circumference of the ankle, two finger widths above the malleoli. When measuring, the client should be wearing shoes, socks and applicable orthoses.

Extra Small 4-6" (10-15cm)
Small 6-9" (15-23cm)
Medium 9-11" (23-28cm)
Large 11-13" (28-33cm)


To allow for greater range of motion at the ankle, place the mounting hardware away from the foot; for less motion, mount the hardware closer to the sides of the foot. Hardware placement should be made in collaboration with a therapist or other qualified health care provider.

As with all positioning devices, perform regular skin checks to monitor skin condition and promptly inform the client’s healthcare provider of any redness or open areas.

Secondary Support Accessories

A set of tri-end fittings is included with each VARILITE Hip Belt, Contoured Chest Harness, and Band-It, and can be attached to the wheelchair by bolting directly to the frame or by wrapping the webbing around the frame. Dual tri-end has two screw holes.

Secondary Support Accessories

Tri-End Fittings

  • Standard with Hip Belt, Chest Harness and Band-It
  • Steel with a black powder coat finish
  • Mount to a flat surface with a spacer, or bolts to wheelchair frame
  • Includes attaching hardware


  • Standard with Chest Harness
  • Adjustable
  • Mount to a flat surface with a spacer, or bolts to wheelchair frame
  • Includes attaching hardware

Frame Clamps

  • Steel with neoprene rubber coating
  • Use with Tri-Ends and Camlocks to eliminate drilling
  • Includes attaching hardware

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