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Varilite 2-Point Hip Belts

The Varilite 2-Point Hip Belt attaches at 2 points, with padding placed relative to the ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine) to provide pelvic support and stability. Attach in front of the greater trochanters to promote anterior pelvic tilt.

The Varilite 2-Point Hip Belts are available with a choice of buckle and pull types. Pads are made with soft closed-cell foam covered with breathable knit fabric.

Varilite 4-Point Hip Belt

The Varilite 4-Point Hip Belt provides four directions of pull, and is appropriate when the client has moderate to severe positioning needs.

A 4-Point Hip Belt is better suited than a 2-Point Hip Belt to reduce anterior pelvic tilt. Place the padded portion of the hip belt across the ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine), and attach the belt to the back canes or to a solid back, several inches above the back-to-seat function. Use the secondary straps to stop the belt from rising into soft tissue by fastening these to horizontal seat bars.

Varilite Unpadded Hip Belt

The Varilite Unpadded Hip Belt attaches to the wheelchair at 2-points and is a single front pull belt. Mechanism is ideal for clients with limited hand function.

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