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Compliance Manager

We are looking for a candidate who has that particular mindset and set of skills to master the complex area of compliance.

We want someone who can take an in-depth understanding of regulations and translate this in a pragmatic fashion into everyday practical solutions and processes.

As BES is a medical device distributor and manufacturer, candidate understanding and experience with the Medical Device Regulation is essential.

We want to harbour a friendly, professional, and constructive environment so need the candidate to be personable and be able to demonstrate the ability to effectively work with others.

The key areas that we see as coming under compliance are:

  • ISO9001:2015
  • We’ve done a good job of maintaining our certification, so with this it is more a case of monitoring and optimising as opposed to doing this from the ground up.
  • We have predominantly been a medical device importer so don’t have all that we need for our manufactured products so this is a more grounds-up exercise and is particularly important with the MDR coming into force in 2021.
  • We have the basics in place but want to be more on top if this aspect
  • There’s a lot that going to be new in the coming months so we want to stay on top of changes and be prepared
  • We made a solid start on this but haven’t really completed exercise yet
  • There are various acts and other legislation that we have to comply with as a company, some bearing more relevance than others.
  • Medical Device Regulation
  • Health and Safety
  • Brexit related - Import/Export
  • GDPR
  • Various other Acts and legislation

An ideal candidate would have experience in all of these areas; however, we’d be happy with a candidate with experience in some and evidence of the ability to get up to speed in new areas. We need someone who can work effectively in isolation, especially given the current situation.

As a healthcare company we have been protected to some degree from the economic impacts of COVID-19, so far we are proud to say that we have been able to keep all our staff on and on full pay. We have enabled remote working and we have a comprehensive COVID-19 internal policy to keep all our staff as safe as possible.

The contracted hours are 37.5 hours per week.

If you feel this role would be of interest to you, please submit your CV and cover letter via email to

Compliance Manager

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