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Training Days Success!

On 10th November we held our Postural Challenges and Seating Solutions training day. With information on standardised seating terms, measurements, body landmarks and reference planes as well as presentations regarding the pelvis, trunk and head, it was a very busy day!

The day also included some practical tips to help illustrate points and everyone enjoyed making their chair more comfortable with a Raft Posture Seat.

Our attendees gave us some great feedback too, letting us know they “gained a lot of valuable information” and that the “practical tips were very useful” – thanks all!


Then on the 11th November we held our Pressure Care Management training day, with presentations covering the effects of shear forces on tissue integrity, outcomes of pressure mapping, benefits of natural wool and what makes a good cushion.

In addition, we had two guest speakers – Claire Rocha who shared success stories about the benefits of natural wool and Glenn Smith who explained how to use data to provide a better quality of care.

There was lots of interest in our Shear Comfort medical wool products and how they can help with pressure ulcers, overheating and shear forces. There was quite a bit of ‘oooohing’ and ‘ahhhhing’ when our attendees were trying out our medical sheepskin Cushion-it, so we’re confident it was a hit!

We also live tweeted the day – you can find all the extra information we tweeted @BESRehab or under the hashtag #BESTraining on Twitter.

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Training Day Success!

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