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Belts and Harnesses

Pelvic Positioning

Sitting is an activity which should ideally allow for dynamic and smooth movement of the pelvis, excellent forward and lateral reach, and pelvic stability, in order to maximise functionality. It is very important to position and support the pelvic region correctly, as a badly positioned pelvis can lead to the development of spinal deformities, and vice versa. BES offers a range of secondary support devices for better pelvic positioning, including lightweight seat cushions, laterals, the dynamic HipGrip®, and the Evoflex™, the ultimate evolution in pelvic positioning. It is time to move on from just Pelvic Stabilisation to Pelvic Positioning, and understand that seating is all about dynamic movement and not restraints.

Upper Body Positioning

Being supported by a comfortable back is normally a user’s first priority. It is also important to provide posterior and lateral support to clients with poor trunk control. Weak trunk muscles could mean that an individual trying to reach, for example to fulfil normal daily activities, might not be able to return to a neutral
balanced position. Dynamic secondary supports such as shoulder harnesses are valuable aids to assist this movement, providing a certain degree of elasticity that helps the torso to return to a neutral position. For clients that require upper body support and positioning, BES offers ranges of back supports, laterals, shoulder harnesses, and chest straps that cater to most needs.

Belts and Harnesses

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