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Community Equipment Washers

Community Equipment Loan Stores recycle, clean, disinfect, and reprocess community equipment such as Zimmer frames, commodes, wheelchairs, bed frames, etc. To help clean such equipment, loan stores use pressure washers, thermal equipment washers, or chemical equipment washers. 

Pressure washers use a lot of water and staff time, making this process expensive. They create contaminated aerosols from dirty equipment which is a major health and safety risk to staff. From an infection prevention point of view, pressure washing is a major risk. 

Thermal equipment washers require energy to heat up water, making them expensive. In addition, they can cause heat damage to equipment, and are not efficient. 

Chemical equipment washers like the AquaPhase and RehaWash use less energy, have a low carbon footprint, and are cost effective. They wash equipment in a contained chamber, eliminating aerosols that can cause health issues. Specially formulated chemicals remove difficult soils, and are effective against a multitude of micro-organisms such as C.diff and E.coli.

Find out more about the AquaPhase and RehaWash by contacting BES on 01179 666 761. 

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