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Pressure Care - Targetted Protectors

Certain areas of the body are at higher risk of developing pressure ulcers or skin breakages due to thin skin and/or boney protuberances, such as at the elbows, heels, ankles, sacrum, and under the buttocks. We have a range of specially designed products to target protection of these areas.

Palm Protectors

Palm Protectors prevent fingernails from damaging the palms for individuals with 'curling finger' conditions, and they help keep the area warm, which can soothe aching joints and reduce cramping.

Heel Protectors 

Heel Protectors are popular with individuals who have experienced shear injuries along the heels, and want to prevent these in future or gain protection during healing. They can also be used for painful ankle joints or cracked skin, keeping the area supported and warm and preventing the skin from drying out.

Elbow Protectors 

Elbow Protectors can be used to protect the elbows from injury and to soothe aching or swollen elbow joints.

Total Foot Protectors 

Total Foot Protectors cover the whole of the foot and ankle but leave the toes free to move and be inspected, ideal for those with diabetic foot ulcers and other skin issues.

Arm Support Protectors and Foot & Calf Plate Protectors 

Arm Support Protectors, Foot Protectors, and Calf Plate Protectors are designed for use on wheelchairs and mobility scooters and have elasticated straps which allow them to be placed on any foot/calf plate or arm support. These protectors redistribute the pressure on the feet/calves or forearms and have the added bonus of holding the body in place, preventing the feet and arms from falling off the supports during transit. 

Wherever your skin needs comfort and protection the most, guard it with a Shear Comfort targeted protector.


Targetted Pressure Care

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