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ADI Back Support Systems - Back Supports for Active Users

ADI is a well-established manufacturer of high quality and innovative seating solutions designed for wheelchair users, by an active wheelchair user, to enhance mobility, independence, and well-being.

ADI has always believed in evaluating and addressing the root of a problem in order to provide an effective and long lasting solution. BES Rehab Ltd distributes the ADI back supports which are lightweight (from 400g) and durable, promoting two options of either an aircraft quality aluminium shell or carbon fibre shell. These back supports are designed for clients with extra positioning needs and comfort, and start from ten inches wide.

ADI offers back supports designed with a broad choice of widths and lengths so that the angles of the back shell contour to the client’s back. Back supports are available in two shell options, either made from aircraft quality aluminium or carbon fibre. ADI backs are intended for active users to provide added support, postioning, and comfort, and are available in an active, deep, or extra deep contour depending on individual requirements. ADI Back Supports are available in Aluminium and Carbon Fibre shell types.


ADI Back Supports and Laterals

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