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Aergo PS

The dynamic seating system that helps keep children posture perfect.

The Aergo PS is the world’s first fully responsive postural management seating system. Using our smart air cell technology, we’re putting children and young people who need postural support back in control, so they can feel comfortable and independent wherever they go and whatever they do. The PS helps keep children supported & in a healthier position. 


Connected Clinicians

Therapists can offer remote care for children & young people via the PS Web Portal. They can easily set up postural support levels, monitor & adjust their clients from anywhere - offering a greater level of hands-off support & care. 


Smarter Support

Aergo PS’ core technology is a network of smart air cells which respond to your movements. The system provides dynamic postural management. It uses pressure data to manage and monitor the child’s position as they shift and move throughout the day. The air cells will self-adjust to keep them nestled in a healthy position in real-time. 


Complete Control

The PS App allows children to be more independent as they go about their day. Our app enables children & young people (and their carers or therapists) to set their ideal position and adjust inflation easily with a few taps. You can also monitor support levels with the simple graphic display of each air cell’s pressure levels. 


Amazingly Adaptable 

The PS is a fully adaptive system that grows with children. The Aergo PS is available in 3 sizes, supporting children from 3 yrs old up to young adulthood. 


Perfectly Practical

Starting at just 6kg it is super light, folds up and it’s portable. It can also be used as a standalone floor sitter. It is also compatible with a wide range of powered & manual wheelchairs. Did we mention the covers are machine washable, breathable and antimicrobial – making it really easy to look after! 


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Aergo PS

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