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Ankle Huggers

NEW Bodypoint Ankle Huggers® offer the right fit every time with a low profile ergo-latch buckle and easy hook and loop adjustment. The material is designed to resist dirt and ingress from getting trapped. Soft, wrinkle-free edges are kind on the skin. Contrasting colour stitching helps identify the flexible end-tab which enables quick fastening.

What makes these Ankle Huggers® different from the old style:

  • The new strap allows for hook and loop adjustment, and the new material will not trap dirt

  • Contrasting colour stitching on end-tabs for easy identification

  • Thicker webbing for improved handling

  • Low profile Ergo-latch for easy adjustment

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Measuring for an Ankle Hugger

Measuring for Ankle Huggers® is very simple, just measure the circumference above the ankle as shown in the picture and refer to the chart to see which size would be best.

For users who experience lower-leg swelling, it is best to measure the ankle when it is swollen and make sure this covers the upper circumference limit for the size required. 

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