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Bodypoint Joystick Handles for Powered Wheelchairs

Bodypoint® have designed a whole range of joystick handles to suit your driving style, enabling you to drive with greater control and confidence.

A standard ball-style joystick may be fine for a user with good grip, but not so good for users with a weaker grip. This is why Bodypoint® have designed joystick handles including the new grooved mushroom shape, to suit any driving style. All Bodypoint® joystick handles are mounted on a flex-shaft stem, a flexible polyurethane stem that absorbs tremors and vibrations for a smoother drive. The shaft can be bent at a 90° angle to prevent any obstacles from breaking the joystick, whilst protecting the electronics inside.

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Flex-shaft Technology

The Flex Shaft Technology seen in Bodypoint Joystick Handles protect joysticks from damage and absorb vibrations, to give the user a smoother drive.

Choice of Styles

Bodypoint offers a choice of styles within their Joystick Handle range. Styles vary depending on the users degree of control to drive a wheelchair. These handles are available in various shapes and sizes depending on use. 

Durable with Rounded Edges

Bodypoint Joystick handles are durable and are made keeping the user in mind. All Joystick handles have rounded edges and some have rubber coating for better grip.

Straight Handles

The 6" flex-shaft joystick is the most adaptable of all the joysticks and is very useful for users with hand contractures or very limited finger movement. This joystick can be controlled by the heel of the hand, the side of the hand or even with the wrist and lower arm. The stick can even be slotted between contracted fingers and the palm for a more precise drive.


Straight Handle

Straight Handles

Fits Stem Size   Width                  Length 
Ø3/16" 1/2" (13mm) 6" (152 mm)
Ø1/4" 1/2" (13mm) 6" (152 mm)

Rubber Dome

The rubber dome handle is perfect for individuals who like to drive with the palm of the hand. The ridged rubber dome grips to the inside of the palm for more precise palm-driving than other handles allow for.

Rubber Dome

Rubber Dome Handles

Fits Stem Size Width Length
Ø3/16" 2-5/8" (66 mm) 1" (25 mm)
Ø1/4" 2-5/8" (66 mm) 1" (25 mm)

Grooved Mushroom

The mushroom head joystick has a ridged rubber outer coating that increases the grip on the joystick. This joystick is great for users with limited sensitivity or movement in their fingers or tremors that cause their fingers to slide off smooth surfaces. The rubber coating also helps the joystick absorb more vibrations for a smoother drive.

Grooved Mushroom


Mushroom Head Handles

Description Fits Stem Size Width Length
Grooved Handle Ø3/16" 1" (25 mm) 2-5/8" (66cm)
Grooved Handle Ø1/4" 1" (25 mm) 2-5/8" (66cm) 

U-shaped Handle

The ergonomically-shaped U-shaped joystick is perfect for users with limited grip or finger movement who prefer to drive with the palm or heel of the hand.

4 Inch U Shape

Ergonomic U-Shaped Handles

Description Fits Stem Size Width Length
3" Handle Ø3/16" 3" (76mm)  2" (51mm)
3" Handle Ø1/4" 3" (76mm)  2" (51mm)
4" Handle Ø3/16" 4" (102mm) 2" (51mm) 
4" Handle Ø1/4" 4" (102mm)  2" (51mm) 

How to Secure the Joystick Handle to a Power Wheelchair

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