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Bodypoint Mounting Hardware Kit


With the Bodypoint Mounting Hardware Kit, healthcare professionals will always have the correct mounting solution at their fingertips.

Gone are the days of compromising the positioning on wheelchairs! With the hardware kit, the healthcare professional will have the necessary fittings, fixtures and measuring tools to achieve the optimal position for fitting and mounting.

The Mounting Hardware Kit (191207) comes complete with the following Bodypoint mounting hardware, plus other handy tools:

  • T-Slot Fastener Kits
  • Seat Mounting Brackets
  • FrameSaver Clamps
  • Band Clamps
  • Frame Clamps
  • Extension Straps
  • Bodypoint® Measuring Tape
  • Hardware Gauge
  • Hex Key
  • 10mm Socket Wrench
  • 13mm Socket Wrench
  • Mounting Hardware Poster
  • Mounting Hardware Manual



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FrameSaver Clamps , Band Clamps and Frame Clamps

FrameSaver Clamps

Made of a super tough nylon, the FrameSaver™ clamp is incredibly strong. The clamp snaps into place for safe mounting anywhere along the wheelchair tubing without drilling.

If the tubing has an upholstery strip, consider the Frame Clamp instead.


Band Clamps

The Band Clamp is strong versatile and corrosion-resistant.

The flexible stainless steel fits into tight gaps under seats, yet ensures the highest strength compared to any accessory clamp on the market for your most demanding wheelchair applications.


Frame Clamps

The Frame Clamp's open-jaw design fits underneath seat upholstery and arm support pads.

Made with sturdy, two-piece aluminum construction for durability.

T-Slot Fastener Kit, Seat Mounting Brackets, Extension Straps Kit
T-slot block

T-Slot Fastener Kit

Mount Bodypoint postural supports directly to the power wheelchair track rails with the T-Slot Fastener Kit. Made out of alloy steel, this kit comes in two sizes: 6 mm (1/4) and 10 mm (3/8).

The T-Slot Fastener Kit works with Cinch-Mount™ and Flat-Mount™ End Fittings. 

T-slot block

Seat Mounting Brackets

The easiest and most secure way to attach belts to wheelchairs. Ideal for chairs with sling seat upholstery or a solid seat base.
20 degree bracket is designed for mounting on side of seat tube. 90 degree bracket for top-mounting also available.
Low-profile design won’t interfere with seat cushions, arm supports or wheels.

T-slot block

Extension Straps Kit

Stack two straps to add length to Bodypoint pelvic positioning belts and the Evoflex®

This versatile hardware accessory allows for direct mounting to the frame or solid seats using M6 (1/4) screws (screws are not included in the package).

Hex Key, 10 mm and 13 mm Socket Wrench, Hardware Gauge
Hex Key

Hex Key

Hex Key to drive heads of bolts and screws easily and quickly into the various clamps and brackets. 

Hex Key

10 and 13mm Sockect Wrenches

The Bodypoint Mounting Hardware Kit includes both a 10 mm and 13 mm Socket Wrench to fasten and losen nuts and bolts from the various brackets, kits, and clamps.  

Hex Key

Hardware Gauge

This indispensable tool for measuring tubing diameter helps you chose the right mounting hardware, to create a mounting point for a postural support.

For wheelchair engineers, therapists and suppliers, this is a must-have for the toolkit.

Measuring Tape, Mounting Hardware Manual, Mounting Hardware Poster
Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

The flexible measuring tape from Bodypoint makes it easy to measure and determine the right size belt for the client. 

Measuring Tape

Mounting Hardware Manual

A one-page double-sided insert that features instructions of how to mount various clamps, brackets, and kits. 

Measuring Tape

Mounting Hardware Poster

This easy-to-use hip belt hardware selection guide helps you choose mounting hardware and end-fitting solutions for all of your mounting needs. Designed as an 18” x 24” poster.

How to use the Bodypoint Mounting Hardware Kit

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