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Clickit® Seat-Back Latch

The patented Clickit® Seat-Latch holds seating drop hooks securely to wheelchair back canes or seat tubes yet allows easy removal for folding and transport with its spring-loaded thumb-release.

Injection-molded plastic won’t scratch fine tube finishes yet is strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds. Low-profile clamping screw avoids snagging on clothing and other seating components.

Spring-loaded latch flips completely out of the way for easy seat/back removal. Slotted underside slides over rivet-nuts for greater versatility. Slotted underside slides over rivet-nuts for greater versatility.

Combining Clickit® Seat Latch and FixitTM Seat-Catch is good for use in situations when:

  • One wants to move the seat and back forward or backward, up or down, independent of one another to position contoured cushions.

  • Additional accessories, like a shoulder harness, need to be attached to the seat or back requiring that the seat back is held very securely to prevent sliding or lifting.


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