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Mounting Bracket Kit - Mounting Hardware

The Mounting Bracket Kit can be used to mount pelvic positioning items onto any seat where a track mount or a clamp would be unsuitable. The bracket may be placed on the upholstery strip, or under the cushion.

The mounting bracket is the most secure way to mount any Bodypoint® lower body positioning product. The mounting bracket has more points of attachment than the other mountings, and is recommended for individuals who tend to strain their mountings due to spasms and other uncontrolled movements. 

We currently have two mounting brackets; a 20 degree bracket and a 90 degree bracket (previously sold as the HW312-KIT Mounting Bracket Kit). Find out more about the brackets here.


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Mounted on a Solid Surface

The mounting bracket can be attached to a solid seat base by removing the cushion and affixing the bracket. When the cushion is reattached, the bracket will fit flush to the edge of the cushion, at which point end fittings may be attached. So if you have a solid seat surface the mounting bracket is a great option to use to fit your pelvic positioning belt.

Mounted over an Upholstery Strip

This bracket can also be used to mount directly onto the upholstery strips of a collapsible wheelchair. For canvas based wheelchairs where mounting secondary supports to the tubing is difficult, the mounting bracket kit proves useful to mount over the upholstery strip.

Mounted with Hip Grip Quick Release Connector

The easiest way to mount a Hip Grip quick release connector is by using a mounting bracket kit. The kit can be mounted to a solid surface or the upholstery strip to which the quick release connector can then be attached. 

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How to Install a Mounting Bracket Kit

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