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Otter Bath Seat

The Otter Bathing chair is a safe and comfortable bathing solution for children and small adults with mild to moderate needs. The Otter chair is durable, adjustable, and has a strong plastic frame with anti-slip legs. The height of the chair can be adjusted. The angle of the back support and the seat can be independently adjusted to ensure a comfortable bathing position for the child. The chair comes with head cushions that can also be used as lateral supports. 

Machine-washable for convenience, this chair has fabric that can be easily removed and is made of a durable plastic frame. The seat and back are adjustable to angles of 0, 22.2, 45, 67.5, and 90 degrees to ensure comfort while bathing. The legs are slip-resistant for safety and can raise the chair to a height of 7", even while the user is seated in the chair. Convenient leg straps to control abduction and adduction while seated are included, and it also has adjustable positioning straps for security. These can be removed if they are not needed.

The Otter is available in a small, medium, and large size. User weight limit for a small chair is 27 kg, for a medium chair is 54 kg, and for a large chair is 73 kg.

To provide support, security, and comfort, the chair has height and width adjustable head cushions, and they can even be used as lateral supports. The chair can be folded flat for easy and compact storage when not in use, and the Otter Paediatric Bathing System is available in three sizes. It is also available with or without a tub stand.

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