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The Classic FSA Pressure Mapping System

The Classic FSA Pressure Mapping system has been used by healthcare professionals for years to assess clients in seats and beds, in order to prevent pressure ulcers.

The beauty of the FSA pressure mapping system is it provides live and instant feedback of a clients surface interface on a seat or bed. It gives a visual presentation of pressure gradiants, displaying the rate of change from low to high pressure. It clearly shows hot stops that can lead to a pressure ulcer, thus being a great preventative tool. To make it convenient for healthcare professionals the FSA features a Seating Protocol Wizard which is a step-by-step assessment tool that guides you through the patient database, assessment, force measurement, and reporting process. This in turn helps you as a healthcare professional to make trusted comparisons and put together a pressure care strategy for your client. 


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Benefits of the Classic FSA Pressure Mapping System

Realtime, instant readings

The FSA system provides instant feedback of the interaction between the client and the surface. This allows realtime adjustments to be made with visual comparisons of different strategies. This ensures that you have the quickest possible route to the correct solution for your client without unnecessary return visits, thus increasing efficiency of your operation.

Visual Presentation of Pressure Gradients

FSA software provides a visual presentation of pressure gradients, displaying the rate of change from lower to higher pressures. This is critically important and clinically relevant information as the pressure gradient is more significant in tissue breakdown than simply the actual pressure. Thus, the FSA software continues to ensure that you are in the best possible position to assess your clients’ risk, mitigate the likelihood of tissue breakdown, and avoid the cost of skin ulcer treatment.

Reporting with Trusted Results

The FSA system showcases a Seating Protocol Wizard as the core feature. This wizard is a step-by-step assessment tool that guides you through the patient database, assessment, force measurement and reporting process. By inputting client information, recording their pressure map, and logging your analysis, you can build an individual's unique pressure care report that can be utilised for simple, effective, and standardised skin care management. You can tailor parameters within the wizard for demanding clients. 

Decision Guide for the Classic FSA Pressure Mapping System

Seat, Back or Torso Mat

You can select a mat depending on use from a seat or back mat, a torso mat, or a seat and back mat complete system.

The Seat or Back mat, and the Seat and Back Complete system are available in sizes 56x56cm (wxd), 57x57cm (wxd). The Torso Mat is available in 86x102cm (wxd).

Select Mat Type

The Classic FSA is available in Softflex and Stretch Mat.

Softflex Mat: The Softflex mat is Soft, silent, flexible, conformable, durable, and precise.

Stretch Mat: The Stretch mat is made of a stretchy material which conforms easily to the users body and the shape of the surface. 

Select Resolution

BoditTrak pressure mapping mats are available in Standard, High, and Ultra High resolution. The higher the resolution the more detailed the visual. 

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