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With the FSA temperature sensor, you obtain an accurate reading of temperature gradient to facilitate assessments of a client’s risk of tissue breakdown.

Breathable arrays of temperature sensors provide insight into how clients interact with different seating and bed solutions. Placed between the client and the cover or cushion, the sensors assess heat transfer. FSA Temperature Sensors use the same FSA hardware and software that makes pressure assessment so easy. Calibrated temperature readings let you know if your temperature expectations are being met. This versatile ability to measure temperature can be configured specifically for Seating or Bed, or can be set up in a multitude of shapes and ranges to meet the customer's needs.

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Benefits of the Temperature Mat

Measure Heat Transfer

Measuring heat transfer from an indivudual to the surface of contact is very important as it enables a clinician to prevent tissue breakdown. Overheating can lead to perspiration which in turn can result in skin breakdown.

Easy Assessment

The temperature mat uses the same software used in other FSA systems. This software is easy to use, shows live data, and has the ability to store clientele information.

Range of options

The FSA Temperature mat is available in a range of sizes, shapes, and resolutions to suit different individuals and their needs. 

FSA Temperature Sensor


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