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RehaWash Equipment Washers are a feat of German engineering. Established for over 17 years, RehaWash cleaning systems come from the German state of Saxony, one of the most innovative regions in the country, the birthplace of significant inventions such as the sewing machine and washing machine!

The RehaWash is programmable to suit your washing needs – helping you to accurately calculate water, detergent, and in turn costs.

The RehaWash Washing Disinfector speeds up the process of cleaning equipment, meaning loan stores can reduce stock levels as items can be put back into operation more quickly.

  • Timesaving:Equipment can be cleaned within a few minutes compared to the longer time it takes to undertake manual cleaning.

  • Fixed Costs: You can precisely calculate the costs of cleaning each item as the duration and level of every wash cycle is programmable.

  • Easy to use: Cleaning, disinfecting, and rinsing programmes are easy to operate with the simple control panel.

  • Safe for Employees and the Environment: Employees are no longer exposed to dirt and aerosols, and a minimal volume of water is used per washing cycle.

  • Complete Support: BES offers a complete service from consultation, site survey, installation, training, maintenance, engineering, and customer service support.

The RehaWash machines are class IIa medical devices in line with the up-coming MDR changes. The disinfectant used in the RehaWash is effective against human coronavirus.

If you would like to purchase a RehaWash Equipment Washer, receive a site survey, or find out more about how BES can help you, contact us at, or call us on 01179 666 761.


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