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Shear Comfort

Shear Comfort footwear, overlays and targeted protectors are made from medical sheepskin, a material with proven pressure-redistributing and microclimate-controlling capabilities.

All Shear Comfort products can withstand multiple washes at 80°C, effectively killing bacteria. The medical Class 1 CE mark carried by the entire range means that these products conform to strict EU health and safety standards for medical devices, so you can be sure that Shear Comfort products are of the highest quality and are built to last.

Shear Comfort works to protect your skin in many ways:

  • External seams and high density wool help to protect the skin from damage
  • Medical sheepskin redistributes pressure, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers
  • Superior heat-transfer properties help keep the skin at a comfortable temperature
  • Water vapour is easily dissapated through the material, keeping the skin at a healthy humidity level

Shear Comfort

Targeted Protectors



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