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This specialised wash was developed in conjunction with the tanning industry in Australia specifically for washing and conditioning sheepskin.

Many detergents will do a good job with wool, but Shear Comfort Sheepskin Shampoo & Conditioner not only washes and disinfects wool, it also conditions the sheepskin leather; keeping it soft and supple.

Shear Comfort Sheepskin Shampoo & Conditioner also contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural fungicide and miticide.

This detergent is specifically formulated to clean, disinfect and condition washable sheepskin.  It kills and will remove mite allergens from all natural fibre products; including sheepskin, wool, fur, and feathers- an important consideration for people with dust mite allergies.

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Cares for Wool and Sheepskin Leather

This sheepskin shampoo and conditioner cares for both wool and sheepskin, conditioning wool fibres and keeping leather soft.  A unique blend of surfactants and conditioning agents lubricate sheepskin leather and will give an improved  lustre and handle to the wool fibre. It is suitable to use with Shear Comfort Natural or XD1900 fabrics, and can be used in high temperatures.

Disinfects Gently

In combination with a high temperature wash, Wool Care Shampoo is effective at killing bacteria, mites, and can remove high levels of soiling. Wool Care Shampoo is also biodegradable. This detergent does not contain enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, alkali or bleach, which cause irreversible damage to sheepskin leather.

Contains Tea Tree, a Natural Miticide and Fungicide

This shampoo contains Tea Tree, a natural miticide and fungicide which has been shown to be very effective at killing dust mites. The Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand found that Wool Care Shampoo is effective in killing dust mites and removes all dust mite allergens. Wool Care Shampoo achieves these results, using the recommended quantity, with a short 4- minute wool cycle wash at 33.5°C.

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