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Medial Thigh supports encourage the legs to stay in an abducted or 'open' position using a cushioned pad that is placed between the thighs.

A variety of pad shapes and sizes are available to suit the needs of the user. Adjustable brackets can accommodate any seat thickness, and are available in a Flip Down or removable option to allow the pad to be moved out of the way for transfers, or removed completely.

Medial Thigh Supports are a comfortable and convenient option for keeping the legs in an abducted position.  

Adjustable Medial Thigh Support

Adjustable Medial Thigh Supports by Stealth are used for lower body positioning to separate the legs or just the thigh region, improve hip alignment, position the pelvis correctly and improve better posture. These allow for multiple angle, and anterior or posterior pad adjustments for a natural fit and enhanced comfort.

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Comfortable Support

Medial Thigh Support Pads are covered in a thick layer of closed-cell foam on all sides to priovide comfort all day. Pads are available in an Oval, Wedge or Knee Cutout shape to best suit the needs of the user. 

Accommodates any Seat Thickness

Hardware is avaiable with height-adjustable brackets, so whatever your wheelchair seat thickness, you will be able to find a Medial Thigh Support bracket to fit.

Easily Removable for Transfers

Medial Thigh Supports are available in a removable or flip down style to allow them to be placed easily out of the way for transfers. The removable style can be easily pulled out of their brackets by loosening the adjustment knob.Flip Down style feature a quick-release button that releases the hinge, allowing the pad to be flipped down away from the seat and flipped back up into the same position. 

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