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Diego - Paediatric Seating System

The Diego System is a next-generation modular growth seating system which incorporates sound positioning features. It is not simply a scaled down version of an adult seat, but one designed specifically for a smaller user.

The name comes from long-time Stealth advocate, Diego Martin Rios, who helped throughout through the journey of creating this seat. When discussing the future of seating with Diego he pointed out key properties in a child’s development, cheifly modularity and innovation.

Diego Features:

- Modular System

- Adjustable Growth

- Universal Mounting

- Minimalistic Design

- Coolcore® Covers


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Diego Head Support System

- Removable Pad for Maintenance

- Coolcore® Cover

- Multi-Axis Universal Head Support Mount

- On-Demand Configuration

Diego Back System

- Adjustable Contoured Back

- Growth Adaptability

- Easy Set Up

- Easy Maintenance

- On-Demand Configuration

Diego Seating System

- Minimalistic Design and Simple

- Ordering

- Expandable Frame Adaptability

- Easy Set Up

- Easy Maintenance

- On-Demand Configuration

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