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Stealth Elbow Stops can be used to stop the elbow from falling off the chair during transit or when using tilt and recline features of a wheelchair. 

In situations where clients need to rest the elbow or for clients having low arm  control, the curved pads not only stop the elbows moving back, but also position the forearms to stay parallel with the body. Stealth products are available with a swing away option which allows them to be swung away during transfers.

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Elbow Support

Elbow stops support the elbows to stay on the arm supports of any wheelchair. This is helpful for users who find their arms fall off the arm supports when on the move, or when their wheelchair is put in a tilt/recline position.

Easily Swung Away For Transfers

The Elbow Stop hardware features a quick-release Swing Away system, allowing the Elbow Stops to be easily swung away for transfers, and then swung back into the same position.

Comfort During Wheelchair Tilt/Recline

For users with low arm strength, it can be difficult to stop the arms falling off the arm supports when the wheelchair is tilted or reclined. The Elbow Stops provide a soft pad to rest the elbow against, so tilting/reclining in the wheelchair becomes more comfortable.

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