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Head Support Accessories

Accessories such as Facial Pads or Egg Switches can add extra comfort or functions to a head support. These accessories are mounted using the Swing Away System, which allows the Facial Pads or Egg Switches to be easily swung away 100° away from the head for transfers. 

The Tone Deflector is another popular accessory for Head Supports that counteracts the effects of high tone and uncontrolled movements. It acts like a shock absorber, compressing under pressure and flexing 10° in any direction. This prevents the head support mounting from becoming damaged and the Wheelchair from becoming imbalanced.    

Egg Switches can be used as switches for any purpose, for instance as part of the wheelchair controls, or as communication devices. Facial Pads can provide extra support and comfort for the head, and can be used in conjunction with Egg Switches.

The Swing Away System can mount up to two items on each side of the head in a multitude of positions for the most supportive and convenient placement of Egg Switches or Facial Pads.

These accessories are compatible with every head support from Stealth.


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Benefits of Using Stealth Accessories

Increased Support

Facial pads can increase the supportive propeties of any head support by providing pads for the head to lean on.

Pads can be placed in a lateral position (round the side of the head) or in front of the forehead for support in all directions. 

Extra Control

Egg Switches can be used to control any electronics, and when mounted on a head support they provide a useful point of control for users who could not use a switch mount on the arms of the wheelchair or elsewhere.

Easily Moved for Trasnfers

The Swing Away system contains a quick release switch on each ear piece, allowing the Facial Pad or Egg Switch to be swung out of the way for transfers. When the rod is swung back into place, it will return to its original position.

Create your Swing Away System

Select a Centre Mount

Centre Mount




A Swing Away System is used to attach Facial Pods or Egg Switches to a head support. To be able to attach a swing away system to the head support mounting hardware stem, a centre mount is essential.

Depending on the mounting hardware stem's ball joint, you can choose between a 1" centre mount or a 17mm centre mount

Thus for Comfort Plus Series (except for a Comfort Plus Nino), and OB range you will require a 1" centre mount. For all other head supports you will require a 17mm centre mount.

'Ear' Rod Mount Piece

Ear Rod




To mount an egg switch and/or facial pads on each side, you need a rod. To be able to mount a rod you will need one ear piece on each side. Each ear piece has a swing away mechanism which can be used to swing the rod away from the head for easy transfers. 






To hold facial pads or egg switches in position, rods are available in different lengths to place the pad in the required position. These facial rods are attached through the swing away system and can be easily moved out of the way as and when needed, and then locked back into the original position

Facial Pads

Facial Pads




Facial Pads are like having supportive hands around the head where the client needs extra support to bring the head to a neutral position or a cushion to rest on when the head tires. This is a specially good option in combination with a head support for clients with low tone.

Egg Switches

Egg Switch




Stealth Egg Switches are very sensitive and can actuate from anywhere on the surface, with minimum force, as compared with other egg switches on the market. These switches are dirt resistant and can be easily cleaned. They provide tactical and audio feedback, and can be attached almost anywhere on the wheelchair. They are available in a variety of colours.

An egg switch mount is essential to be able to mount your egg switch to a rod.


Figure of 8 Mount

Figure Of Eight




The Figure of 8 Double Rod Mount is designed to provide the capability to mount a second rod on the one side to carry an additional pad, switch, or embedded speaker, on a traditional swing-away.

Essential Centre Mount for a Swingaway System

If you are ordering a swingaway system, ordering a centre mount is necessary


Your product code:

Select 'Ear' Rod Piece

Indicate Left or Right if only ordering one


Your product code:

Select Rods

Indicate Left or Right if ordering different lengths


Your product code:

Select Facial Pads

Indicate Left or Right when ordering one pad, two or more pads of different sizes

Size (LxW)

Your product code:

Select Facial Pad Spare Covers

Size (LxW)

Your product code:

Select Egg Switches

An Egg Switch Mount is essential when ordering an egg switch. The order code for an Egg Switch Mount is ESM


Your product code:

Select Additional Extras (if needed)

Select a Figure of 8 Double Rod Mount if mounting two items on one side


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