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The World's Best Lateral

Stealth launched their laterals as ‘The World’s Best Laterals’, coded TWBL, and no-one has contested that claim to date!

Stealth Laterals are made up of a combination of mounting brackets that mount onto the wheelchair to hold the lateral in place, lateral hardware, and a mount to support the pad.

They act as hands supporting the trunk area where needed. What makes these laterals the world’s best laterals is the ability to adjust the links so that they can get to the right point to support and stay there.

To work with different types of wheelchairs, Stealth offers a range of mounting options, lateral mounts, and lateral hardware. Stealth Laterals can be added to the Newback as well as to most other back supports to provide extra thoracic support where needed. Swing away versions all come with a red identifier button to operate the release. Stealth laterals are designed to swing away at the back support posts of the wheelchair to allow maximum space for the occupant to transfer in and out of the seat.


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Snug fit

The standard TWBL Laterals have three points of adjustment to ensure a snug fit. Full Surface Contact Laterals also contain three links, and feature a ball pad mount that offers 360° of pad rotation for the closest fit, even with asymmetrical postures.

Easily Swung Away for Transfers

Each Stealth TWBL Lateral contains a quick release button that allows it to swing away for transfers. Once swung into in the backwards position, the lateral will lock into place, and once released will swing back into the position in which it was set.


Standard Lateral pads contain 1" (2.5 cm) of closed-cell foam for a comfortable fit. Lateral pads are also available with a gel filling for optimal comfort and pressure redistribution during use.

Decision Guide

Mounting Hardware Options

Laterals can be mounting on different wheelchairs using different types on mounting options by Stealth. A cane mount or a crescent mount can be used if the lateral needs to be mounting on the tubing of a wheelchair. 

The laterals can be mounted to solid back systems onto tracks that allow fine adjustments of the height at which the laterals are mounted. Where seating systems already have built in tracks (e.g. Permobil) Stealth has lateral mounting systems for these tracks.

Lateral Hardware Options

Laterals are made out of strong and durable metal which is simple to mount. The lateral hardware is attached to a lateral pad mount which holds the pads in place. These laterals are available in Niño sizes (paediatric) (TWBNL) or adult sizes (TWBL).

Links can be added or removed to increase the length and flexibility of mounting a lateral. The TWBNL and TWBL versions allow the laterals to swing all the way back, and lock at 180 degree from the seated position, to avoid the laterals getting caught in doorways etc.

Thin Laterals are 20% thinner than normal laterals for a better snug fit.

Lateral Pad Options

Lateral Pads are available in either standard foam or gel.  These pads are well cushioned, hence are comfortable and soft against the skin.

Additional Extras

Full Surface Contact Pad Mount: The Full Surface Contact lateral pad mount articulates and adjusts to accommodate asymmetries. It angles up to be positioned to give the right amount of full contact (not available for Niño options).

All Seasons Lateral Hardware: The All Seasons lateral hardware offers width adjustability. To adjust the width, needs no tools, and is quick and easy, thus can be used across the seasons to accommodate differences in width for needs of different clothing (not available for Niño options).

Dual Positoning Flip Away Modification (SWINK): The SWINK link is used to be able to flip away the pad itself. It can be mounted next to the pad for the chair occupant to swing away the pads alone.

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