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Ultra Head Support System

The Ultra is an all-encompassing head positioning system with adjustment capabilities and a portfolio of options and accessories to meet the needs of virtually any individual.  

The Ultra series has even greater adjustment options due to the separation of the occipital and the sub-occipital pads, meaning that each can be adjusted separately.

What also makes the Ultra highly customisable is its ability to be configured with any other head support system within the Stealth range. For example the Ultra can be mounted with the i2i to provide occipital support with the Ultra occipital pad, and head and neck support with the i2i standard or low profile head pad.

For a bespoke head support system, catering to your client’s specific needs, Ultra is your solution.

How it works

The occipital pad cradles the head and is primarily a resting spot for the head. It also acts as a posterior boundary, minimising hyper extension from abnormal reflexes or tones. The occipital pad proves to be useful tilt and recline features. Positioned at the base of the skull, and used in conjunction with an occipital pad, the sub-occipital pad provides additional lateral and posterior support for individuals that require mild to moderate assistance in maintaining midline positioning. The sub-occipital is bendable so it can be contoured specifically for each individual, which alleviates the tendency to suspend the head or create excessive pressure on the neck.


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Highly Adjustable

The modular design of the Ultra allows the Occipital and the Sub Occipital pads to be moved independently of each other, for the most precise fit possible. 

Incredibly Comfortable

Because the Ultra Head Support cradles both the occipital (upper) and sub occipital (lower) parts of the head, it is incredibly comfortable and supportive, especially for users with poor neck strength. 

Adaptable to your needs

With a variety of different pad sizes and shapes for the occipital and sub-occipital pads, there is a combination of pads available to suit the needs of almost any individual.   

Decision Guide

Dimensions of the Ultra Head Support System

Ultra Lw

Ultra Occipital Head Pad 

Description Length Width
Extra Small 2.0" (5cm) 5.0" (13cm)
Small 2.5" (6cm) 4.0" (10cm)
Medium 3.2" (9cm) 4.0" (10cm)
Large 4.2" (11cm) 7.2" (18cm)









Ultra Sub-Occipital Pad

Description Length Width
Small 2.5" (6cm) 6.2" (16cm)
Medium 3.0" (8cm) 7.0" (18cm)
Large 2.8" (7cm) 9.5" (24cm)

Mounting Hardware Options



The Ultra head support system requires an SU980 Adjustable Channel in order to mount both head pads, and to be able to move each pad individually.


The TWB480-QCRS is is a round link hardware with a flip down mount that allows the head pad to be flipped down out of the way when it is not needed, without having to demount it from the chair. This is unique to Stealth and helps for easy transfers without losing any adjustments. After being used, the mount can be clicked back into the original position, easily.

For the Ultra this hardware comes without links so that it can be connected to the SU980.

Mounting Adapter Plates

Head Support Adaptor PlatesThe Head Pad fits almost all wheelchairs. Specialist adapter plates are available to fit the mounting bracket to pre-drilled holes on specific chairs such as those produced by JCM, Invacare, R82, Leckey and Active Design.

Additional Mounting Hardware Options

Mounting Bracket











Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket is always provided with a mounting stem. The use of a mounting bracket is to attached the stem to the seat back support. Purchasing a spare mounting bracket is advisable when you wish to transfer your head support from one seat to another, for example.














Links are essential while setting the right distance of your head pad from the back support. Depending on the distance, extra standard or offset links can be added or removed. The offset link can be used to smooth the link and ensure the head pad is placed at the shortest distance from the back support. 

Please Note: Links can only br added to the TWB range of mounting hardware

Tone Deflector











Tone Deflector

The Tone Deflector is a great addition to a head pad. It is designed for clients with extensive muscle tone, and acts as a great means of absorbing some of the energy of the head going backwards. This device absorbs quick impact compression and diverts angled loading. It offers 10 degree deflection of high tone impact in any direction. It is easy to assemble and is attached at the back of the head pad, making it discreet for the user.

Select Occipital Head Pad

The codes below are for standard foam head pads. If you require gel just add G to the end of your code


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Select Sub-Occipital Head Pad

The codes below are for standard foam head pads. If you require gel just add G to the end of your code


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Essential Mounting Hardware

The QCRS Ultra Channel with TWB Links is an essential when mounting an Ultra. Along with this link hardware you will need a mounting stem. We recommend using the TWB480-QCRS stem specially for the Ultra. This stem comes without links and a ball joint to accommodate for the SU980


Your product code:

Select Mounting Adapter Plate

Chair Type

Your product code:

Select Additonal Mounting Hardware Options (if needed)

Mounting Hardware

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