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Ultralightweight Paediatric Back Support

The Stealth Ultralightweight Paediatric back support is specially designed with kids in mind. The Ultralightweight aluminium shell is perfect for young self-propellers who need to decrease the weight of their wheelchair for greater speed and ease of movement.

This back is suited to the needs of kids in every way- it even grows with them.  This back comes with a thoracic growth support kit which allows for 2” of width adjustment; so when your kid grows, the back can too.

Underneath the washable cover, the interior of the back is constructed from a top layer of memory foam (Sunmate®) with a secondary layer of high resistance foam. This creates a cushion which is soft enough to sleep on, but tough enough to push against when leaning forwards, or experiencing involuntary movements. Foam upgrades are available on request.

*Stealth have designed an Ultralightweight Head Support to complement the back, please note that this is the only head support that should be used with the Ultralightweight Paediatric back, as other head supports will imbalance the system.


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Growth Support

When buying equipment for growing kids, investing in a good-quality back may seem like a waste of money if it will be grown out of.

This is why Stealth have created the Thoracic Growth Support kit, which ‘grows’ the back up to two inches wider in the thoracic region of the back, which is the area that runs from the bottom of the ribcage to the start of the neck. So instead of the child being bought a back that is too big and can be grown into, the back can be exactly the right size throughout growth.

Superior Comfort

All Ultralightweight Paediatric backs come with an upper layer of SunMate® memory foam, and a layer of high resilience foam.  SunMate® contours to the body and slowly returns to its original shape once pressure is removed.  The open-cell structure of the foam maximizes airflow to reduce heat build-up, making it a perfect foam in all temperatures.

SunMate® effectively absorbs 90% of normal-use impact energy, greatly reducing fatigue caused by sudden jolts or vibrations created in transit. Its viscoelastic properties also allow it to uniformly distribute pressure and absorb impact energy to alleviate sitting fatigue.

Ultralight for Agility

The weight of a back support can make a huge amount of difference to a young wheelchair user.

Wheelchair bases can weigh a lot, and when this weight is combined with secondary equipment such as head supports and back supports, it can become difficult for the kid to propel themselves. Lighter chairs can reduce fatigue and muscle strain, making pushes more efficient and a lot more fun.

The Ultralightweight feature of this back allows kids to self-propel with ease, without being burdened with the weight of a heavy back support. The largest back, fully loaded with accessories, weighs less than 2.5 kilos – slightly more than a regular bag of flour!

Decision Guide

Selecting an Ultralightweight Paediatric Back Support

Ultralightweight Paediatric Back Supports are available in 8", 10", and 12" sizes. An 8" back support fits up to a 10" wheelchair back width, a 10" back support fits up to a 12" wheelchair back width, and a 12" back support fits up to a 14" wheelchair back width. 

Depending on the wheelchair you can choose the right sized back support. 

Selecting a Lateral Thoracic Growth Kit

Each Ultralightweight Paediatric Back comes with a thoracic growth support kit, each kit offers up to 2"(5.1 cm) width adjustability. Thoracic growth support kits are available in different lengths. 

Selecting a Mounting Hardware

The paediatric back support can be mounted with a single point centre clamp, or in a two point style with the help of a Rigidiser bar. The two point style is available in different types including quick release.

Additional Head Support, and Head Support Hardware

Stealth has also designed a lightweight head support especially for the Paediatric back, thus maintaining its ultralightweight benefits. Note: Because of the weight of the materials used in designing the back, only this head support can be used with the Paediatric back support, and vice versa.

Ultralightweight Paediatric Back Support

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