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Paediatric Seating - Sized for Children

The new Varilite JUNIOR backs are proportionally designed for a child’s body, keeping in mind that children are not small adults. Available in deep contour and active contour, the JUNIOR backs offer moderate postural support and alignment. The Varilite JUNIOR backs are lightweight, sleek, compact, and simple to use, for maximum support with minimal fuss.

The JUNIOR back systems provide good support to growing children. Air-foam construction coupled with lightweight aluminium makes them a great option for selfpropellers. The back systems are easy to adjust, insert and remove from the chair.


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The VARILITE JUNIOR Back Support is made from VARILITE'S patented air-foam-floatation technology. Lightweight aluminum construction coupled with air-foam makes this Back Support ultra lightweight.

Easy Adjustment

Making adjustments to the Varilite JUNIOR Back Support is quick and simple. It has a valve which can be adjusted easily to release air. While the child is resting on a fully inflated back support, the valve can be released allowing air to escape, to give the right amount of immersion and comfort.

Compact, Minimal Design

The VARILITE JUNIOR Back Support is compact, with a minimalistic design that contours a child’s back. This means the focus remains on the child and not the equipment.

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