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PAL Swing-Away and Fixed Lateral Support

Positive Action Lateral, PAL™ Swing-aways

Designed to use with the Icon Mid and Icon Tall backs, providing lateral positioning and support wherever needed. 

1. Pads: Pads are available in choices of contoured or linear styles in three sizes. They are made of closed-cell foam with a steel insert that allows horizontal pad adjustment. The pad foam is protected with a removable, machine washable cover.

2. Shell Bracket: The steel Shell Bracket is contoured to mount on the inside of a Varilite Icon Mid or Tall Back shell. The low profile bracket is less than 1/8” thick.

3. Pad Bracket: Constructed of steel for strength, the steel pad bracket attaches securely to the pad. Easy adjustment allows +/- 10 degree of vertical pad rotation. Pad brackets are available in short, long, and offset configurations.

4. Push Button Hinge: An easily activated push button unlocks the PAL swing away hinge mechanism. Positive locking action indicates when the hinge is securely locked. The hinge can be angle adjusted for up to 225 degrees of swing.

Fixed Lateral Supports

Fixed lateral supports are available for situations when a swing-away lateral is not required. Fixed lateral supports consist of a combined shell and pad bracket, and require a pad.


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