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The Varilite Solid Insert counters the effects of sling upholstery. For some wheelchairs users, sling upholstery promotes internal rotation of the lower extremities, sacral seating, posterior pelvic tilt, loss of natural lumbar lordosis and obliquity of the pelvis. Such poor positioning can result in discomfort and long-term problems. A solid insert offers an easy and cost effective solution to the problems of sling seating. The Varilite Solid Insert is made from durable 6mm (1/4”) plywood and is available in paediatric through adult sizes. It can be placed between the cushion and upholstery, or, preferably, inside the cushion cover. With rounded edges and a smooth, sanded surface, there is no risk of splintering or puncturing the cushion. All Varilite cushion covers are sewn with room for a Solid Insert.

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