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Best-in-Class Equipment Washers from BES Healthcare

BES Healthcare Ltd has been established for over two decades and offers the best-in-class equipment washers that can help you save costs, deliver efficiency, and safeguard your staff, improving your service.

What can BES offer you?


Best in Class Washers

• Equipment washers such as the AquaPhase and RehaWash have a low carbon footprint, use less energy, remove the toughest of soils, clean faster, and make equipment last longer

• Specially formulated chemicals used in the AquaPhase and RehaWash washers remove diffi cult soils, and are effective against a multitude of micro-organisms such as C.diff and E.coli

Free Site Survey

• Before you purchase an equipment washer, our sales and engineering team will perform a site and facilities survey to ensure your machine can be installed correctly

• We will not install a machine if it is not right for you Training and Support

• BES will ensure all your employees using the machine are fully trained and provide certifi cates on completion

• We will provide on-going customer service support when you need it

• As part of the maintenance contract BES will also provide training on a yearly basis

Equipment Maintenance

• We have a team of engineers across the UK to ensure that your machine is maintained and periodically serviced, and your staff are fully supported

• Maintenance contracts with BES will guarantee a high standard of service, extended warranty on the machine, any call outs, and micro-biological testing if needed

• Within the contract period an engineer will service the machine every 6 months, along with full support when needed

Best-in-Class Equipment Washers from BES Rehab

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