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Correct Belt Positioning

The MHRA recently sent out a Medical Device Alert on the positioning of some hip belts, explaining the dangers of incorrect positioning for the user.

Below we explain the best way to position a hip belt. 

Correct Belt Position
What is the best position for a belt?
Correct Belt Position

Belt is too high

If a belt is positioned too high up it provides a high risk of damage to the soft tissues of the abdomen, does not discourage posterior pelvic tilt, and allows for ‘submarining’ where the belt can end up higher up the body.

Correct Belt Position

Belt at 45° angle

A common place to position a belt is at 45° but this is incorrect because it doesn’t do much for the person’s position. Positioning a belt like this could lead to injury and the individual can still slip into a posterior pelvic tilt. Submarining could also be possible which could lead to damage of the abdominal tissues.

Correct Belt Position

The correct position

The correct belt position is at 80°+ which will help extend reach, keep the pelvis in place and discourage posterior pelvic tilt. This position will allow pressure relief off the ITs, and is safe as it will discourage submarining.

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