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What our Customers are Saying About Us....

Via our Customer Feedback Survey

We care about providing great customer service so we recently started asking our customers for their thoughts through our online feedback survey.

We've had some great feedback including:

"BES Rehab continue to provide our team with excellent service. We continue to feel well supported"

"Good Quality Product Range"

"[Your website] has all the info I require"

If you've recently dealt with our customer service department or salespeople and would like to give feedback, you can do so here.

Lyn Brocklehurst, Wheelchair User

"Prior to getting Ankle Huggers, my feet would be forever slipping off my wheelchair footplates. Now they remain on the footplates, but allow me some freedom of movement to fidget my feet. They are so comfortable that I don't even notice that I am wearing them. Another benefit is I can now reposition myself in the chair pushing from my legs and feet, as my feet are safely secured in place by the Ankle Huggers. What a difference they have made to my lifestyle, knowing I can go out of the house without the worry of my feet falling off my footplates every time I go over a bit of bumpy ground.


Best bit of kit I have ever had for my powered wheelchair!"


You can find out more about Ankle Huggers here.

Lyn Brocklehurst, Wheelchair User


Lyn - Half Photo 

Amanda Wilde, Occupational Therapist

"I have worked with BES over the last year. First with Gemma Thompson (Divisional Manager BES) who assisted with comprehensive assessment of a child who struggled to maintain head control. We trialed the i2i hich was seen to be beneficial. Gemma agreed for the product to remain with the family for further trial and was reviewed at a later date. 

This product worked really well and made a significant difference to the health, wellbeing, functioning and development of the child. I would like to thank Gemma for her excellent customer care, commitment, and expertise.

I have also worked with Lauren (Area Manager BES) who has provided excellent training alongside Gemma. Lauren has worked on a number of service development areas; providing sound advise and training. BES offer a wide range of quality products and have excellent product knowledge which is passed on to therapists, carers/parents. 

I value the ongoing training support that is offered as part of the service. I am currently wanting to learn about all applications of accessories on consignment stock and look forward to training with the pressure mapping ordered recently. Such will benefit our service and practice."

Colin Connolly, Wheelchair User

I’ve been happy with my Varilite Solo cushions for the past 4 years, so should continue to use them. Oxford Wheelchair Service were happy to fund a 2nd Solo cushion for me, which has just arrived today and I was pleased to see that they sourced it from BES! 

It’s very unusual to find such a caring & helpful company operating within the disability arena and of course, as we both know, a company is essentially just a building – it’s the people working for it who really make the difference to customers’ lives!

I’m also hugely grateful to Chris Sharp (Area Manager, BES)  for his time, advice and expertise. I will sing the praises of BES to my wheelchair-using friends if/when I get the opportunity. Dealing with you and your colleagues has, quite simply, been a pleasure. In the disability equipment marketplace, that’s a very rare thing! THANK YOU

Amanda Welch, Occupational Therapist

"Lauren (Area Manager, BES) has been attending our seating clinics and has provided our service with a consignment stock. This has enabled us to offer a better service to our children. BES have a wide range of accessories, ankle huggers, harnesses, etc. Having the consignment stock available reduces the wait time for our clients."

Anne-Marie Robinson, Mother

"My daughter Hope has an i2i head/neck support to help support her due to very poor head control. The product is fantastic and serves its purpose so well, as it allows Hope's head to remain upright, and in a position that encourages her vision and awareness. 

Gemma, the BES representative, has been wonderful. She has dedicated her time, and, with a lot of patience, has managed to create a very natural position for Hope. Gemma's expert knowledge has allowed me and the other professionals to understand how to get the best use of the i2i."

Paul Chapman, Millercare Ltd

"My client was a 13yr old boy who would have spasms and throw himself forward. He did not need any lateral correction, so I recommended the universal elastic strap. Due to him being young we also needed to fasten the belt behind the wheelchair which we could. The client's mum's response was brilliant. She was so happy that the belt was so neat and comfy yet provided all the security she needed to prevent her son from injury when he lunged forward. 

Perfect for the job."

Samantha Duncan-Smith, Customer

I ordered the pressure care footwear and foot and calf plate protectors for my father. I am so pleased with these products. They are of the highest quality and now I have peace of mind that my father won't develop pressure sores whilst spending time in his wheelchair. I would 100% recommend these products. 

The customer service I received was amazing, very helpful, and friendly. 

Denise Shaw, Customer Care Consultant

"I purchased a 2-point pelvic belt for a customer, and found the quality of the product to be excellent. It was really easy to fit, and had soft fabric, making it comfortable for the end user."

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