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ADI Aluminium Backs are made from Aircraft Quality Aluminium shell, and are lightweight back supports.

Aluminium back supports are available from 10" to 20" chair widths and in low, mid, standard, tall, and extra-tall.  The backs come in a range of contours. The active contoured shell is 2.5” deep, the deep contoured shell 4” deep, and the extra deep 6” deep. ADI has a choice of mounting hardware for Aluminium backs such as Width Adjustable ELITE, 2 Point PRO, and Quick Release.

The range, comfort, and positioning support provided by the ADI backs makes them suitable for one and all.

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Benefits of the ADI Aluminium Back Support


ADI Aluminium back supports are made from a aircraft quality aluminium shell which makes the back lighweight. For example, the weight of a 16" standard back is approximately 700gms. The Aluminium back is excellent for active users and self-propellers.

Range of choices

ADI backs are available in a huge choice of sizes from 10" to 20" in low, medium, standard, tall and extra tall lengths depending on shell type. The ADI range comes in different contours catering to different users, such as active, deep, and extra deep.

Durable and Crashworthy

ADI back supports have exceeeded 35,000 cycles of durability testing without failure. Crashworthiness tests of ADI back supports were conducted in accordance with ISO 16840-4. The results of this testing showed that ADI backs support mounting hardware installed on the ISO wheelchair base met all applicable criteria proposed in section 5.1.2 of 16840-4.

Mounting Hardware
Mounting Hardware

Fixed and Width Adjustable ELITE

The Width Adjustable ELITE comes with the  benefit of width adjustment, for easier mounting onto rigid chairs, as these chairs often do not have standardised widths.

Mounting Hardware

2 Point PRO

The 2 Point PRO mounting hardware is a stationary mounting option which offers angle, depth, and width adjustment for manual, rigid, and power chair users.

Mounting Hardware

Quick Release

Quick Release mounting hardware is an option which offers angle, depth, and width adjustment, but with the added benefit of a quick release mechanism.

Decision Guide

Measuring for an Aluminium Back Support

 Measuring For CFThe width of each ADI Back Support is determined by measuring the chair width from the outside to outside of the back post tubing.Example of the measurement required to select an ADI Back Support Shell Note: If you wish the back support to fit between the chair’s back posts, you will need to select a shell size that is narrower than the ‘A’ dimensions shown, and will depend on the diameter of the back posts.

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