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Varilite™ create premier medical rehabilitation products that are recommended by therapists and wheelchair users alike. The patented air-foam flotation technology that features in their back supports and cushions makes their products hard to beat. By using both air and foam, their cushions and back supports last longer and perform better than products that rely on air or foam alone.

Don’t just take our word for it- in an independent study Varilite™ cushions were subjected to a repetitive load test of 200,000 cycles to simulate a lifetime of use.  After the tests, the cushions still performed better than high-resilience foam cushions they were compared with. In fact, the Varilite™ cushions performed better when fatigued than the foam cushions did when they were brand new.

Not only do the air-foam cushions provide superior pressure distribution and comfort, an adjustable  valve system on some models and an integral air-release on others allows the cushion to mould to the user's shape.  A simple turn of the valve allows air to escape, conforming the cushion to the user’s shape and providing the full-contact support that is essential for managing tissue integrity.

Varilite™ cushions and backs do not require kneading, pumping or repositioning of gel to maintain their properties. The ease of maintenance and durability in the Varilite™ range is part of what makes their products so popular with wheelchair users. The proven clinical benefits and patented technology of Varilite™ cushions and back are what makes them top-of-the-range.



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