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The Chest Belt is suitable for a user with limited hand function. This belt holds the torso firmly, and is available in a padded or unpadded option.

The Chest Belt makes it simple for users with limited hand function to tighten or release the hook-and-loop.  The Chest Belt has a stiffened end-tab and D-ring for easy grasping. Unobtrusive and versatile, this belt is made of premium materials for durability, and can be combined with a Slip-on pad for added comfort.

The Chest Belt comes complete with Cinch-mount end fittings, which can be mounted onto any solid wheelchair back directly. These can be exchanged for alternative end fittings and mounting hardware. Please see the Bodypoint® Mounting Hardware section of this website for more details.


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Benefits of the Chest Belt


Ease of use

Bodypoint Chest Belt features a large D-ring, which is easy to use even with limited hand function.




The Chest Belt is fastened using hook and loop along the length of the strap, and is fully adjustable to accommodate for size and changes in clothing. 




The Chest Belt is available in an unpadded or padded option for added comfort. The padded option features a slip-on pad which can be removed if required. 


Decision Guide

Chest Belt Dimensions

The usable length of the chest belt is 46" (117 cm) when fastened.




One Size Only

50.0" (127.0 cm)

2.0" (5.0 cm)

Chest Belt Order Codes

Cinch Mount included for mounting a Chest Belt


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